Drupal 8 Beta 14 released

Drupal 8 Beta 14 released

The newest Beta Release for the 14 year old stable CMS Drupal is almost here with the latest release of Drupal 8 beta 14. The newest version Drupal 8 beta 14 is a Beta Release and is due sometime this year.This release focuses on providing more than 200 new features and improvements. Drupal 8 beta 14 comes with a number of new features as listed below:

Drupal 8 beta 14 release notes

Drupal Beta 8 overall (not just 14) comes with the following features:

  • 200 new features and improvements
  • Better support for Multilingual websites
  • Mobile First Responsive themes
  • Mobile backend Administration of website

Since there are only 10 known critical issues on this release, we are very likely to see the next version or the one after that as a Release Candidate.  It is very exciting to see that the looooong wait for Drupal is almost over.

NetON Drupal website update policy:

This release of Drupal is a Beta Release which means that this version of Drupal is still getting fine tuned and not ready for Production servers. Please read through this post to get an idea of upcoming features to Drupal, however noting that the final version will be slightly different from the Beta Release. Please note that the NetON team won ‘t be updating your website with this version because this is not a final version.

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