NetON Mobile App v2 Coming soon

The newest version of NetON Mobile App is just around the corner. The new version comes with

  • integrated Project Manager
  • Areas for B2B and B2C offerings
  • Links to areas of the website
  • A better interface


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NetON Analytics Android App Alpha–calling for testers

NetON Analytics Android App

NetON Analytics – Android App Alpha

The NetON Mobile devs have been busy improving our official NetON app and building the NetON Analytics app last week. We have finally got a version that we can test on our android devices. The alpha is only available on android phones and tablets for now but we are planning on doing the final release on both iPhones and Androids.

Features of the App

Quick Access to your NetON Analytics

This is the the main feature of the application and will give you all the stats on your website directly on the app.  View Dashboards, latest visitors to the website and all of your goals and custom goals can be accessed directly from the application. All you need is a internet connection on your phone.

Quick Call Number

Issues with the app, analytics or something you don’t understand – you can click on quick call and give us a buzz.

Access to Analytics Information

Analytics can sometimes be a data overload and you can’t be sure what information to look out for. Worry no more, our help section will give you an overview of what the important metrics are and also what areas to drill down on.

Access NetON Analytics

To test the app, you will need to be running NetON analytics and have an Android phone or tablet. Please email to request an early look.

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