How to check for domain names

How to check for domain names

Please note that if you are not planning on purchasing a domain straight away, please don’t use a domain registration site to check for domains. These include sites like

  • Crazy Domains
  • Melbourne IT
  • Zip Hosting
  • Net Registry

To check if a site is available or not, please enter the domain name you are after on the address bar of your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome). If a page with content comes up, the domain is not available. If you get a Website not found, most likely the domain is available most of the time (but not always).

Please also have 3-4 preferences for domains, because sometimes even if you get the website not found error, the domain might be registered.

Tips for selecting domain names

  • Keep the domain name as short as you can (upto 15 letters maximum)
  • Avoid using hyphens and numbers on your domain
  • Try to keep it relevant (if you are selling wine, try and have wine in the domain name)