QR Code–What is it and how to use it

QR Code–What is it and how to use it

What is QR code

A QR short for Quick Response code is a square (matrix) code that contains a piece of information. The information it contains can be

  • A link/url to a website
  • An email address
  • A phone number
  • Paragraph(s) of text

How do you access a QR code?

A mobile phone with a camera and a QR reader(needs to be downloaded from store) will be able to read the code and display the information on the site. That said, many Android, Blackberry and Nokia handsets come pre-installed with QR code readers.

Where to use QR codes

The best way to use QR Codes is at places where the information will be accessed via a mobile. You are most likely to see them in magazines, business cards, public transport and printed material. QR codes are increasingly being used far mobile transactions.

How to use a QR Code – netON QR Code Generator

First you need to generate a QR code.

  • Please select Tools > QR Code Generator From the menu to generate your QR Code.
  • Generate your QR Code and save the QR Code to your computer
  • Use the file to Print the code or use it on your website


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