Magento Commerce 1.7 Release Candidate Released/Features

Magento Commerce 1.7 Release Candidate Released/Features

Magento 1.7 is just around the corner with Magento 1.7 Release Candidate 1 now available. This is NOT TO BE USED IN PRODUCTION as the final release should be around shortly. This release is available for upgrade through the Connect Manager, to download or via SVN.

Exciting New Features on this Magento Commerce RC includes:

  • CAPTCHA functionality on Registrations
    This should clear up a lot of spam registrations
  • REST API – First Version implemented with support for
    -Creation, retrieval, update and deletion operations for simple products
    -Retrieval of a list of orders as well as specific order information
    -Update and retrieval operations for catalog inventory
    -Creation, retrieval, update and deletion operations with complete customer information and customer address information
    More information will come in RC2 and more.. but this should mean that you will be able to create a simple API to access important data of your Magento Commerce Store
  • Backup and Rollback functionality
    This will be great for developers because everytime you upgrade Magento or add a plugin, there is a chance that it will fall apart because of all the plugins and customisations.
  • HTML5 based theme for mobile devices
    We are currently testing this out but this should be great for rolling out the site in Mobiles.
  • Different base prices for customer groups
  • Automatic generation of multiple coupon codes for a single promotion
  • Updates and enhancements to the existing SOAP and XML-RPC APIs with introduction of new API calls
  • New price range layered navigation algorithm
  • Other Features


  • XmlConnect package release v22.1
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v3.4.7
  • Mobile theme was redesigned
  • Added ability to translate action array parameter nodes via layout.xml
  • Added support for using custom currency symbols
  • Added functionality to cleaning old cache files by cron task
  • Refactored rules-based modules
  • Improved customer address handling using PayPal Express checkout
  • Refactored escaping functionality used with translations
  • Added ability to customize logo in emails from the admin
  • Implemented front-end cookies restriction functionality
  • Added ability to turn off/on IP Tracking (e.g. ‘Placed from IP’) on the Sales pages in back-end (Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit memo)
  • Provided logic to disable ACL resources through configuration files
  • Added additional placeholders for extensions developers


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    I have 3 stores on Magento and it’s so hard to manage all of them. I’m wondering if anyone knows
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