WordPress 3.6 Oscar Released–Features and Updates

WordPress 3.6 Oscar Released–Features and Updates

WordPress 3.6 Oscar is now released and live. This is a semi-major update and comes with a completely new theme and a host of other features explained below

WordPress 3.6 Oscar

New Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

The new version of WordPress comes with a new blog-centric responsive theme designed to look great on all devices, from your laptop, to your tablet to your mobile.  TwentyThirteen is a similar approach to TwentyEleven and seems like the team is keen to alternate between a blog focused theme and a corporate theme.  The sidebar widgets are now setup on the footer.



Improved Individual Auto Save

While Auto Save and Revisions have been around for a while, Autosave has been a bit buggy and looks like the new WordPress improves on this feature to make it more better. Every Author also has their own autosave version of the post which is saved locally as well as on the server, making this a much easier and efficient process.

Revamped Revisions

Revisions has also been revamped with a completely new interface that allows the user to scroll easily through changes to see line-by-line who changed what.

Native audio and Video

WordPress 3.6 now comes with a HTML5 media player and allowing you to work with native video and audio more easily. You can upload mp4s and generic videos and audios and having them play in your site without any third party support.

Post Locking

WordPress 3.6 allows users to lock posts while they are editing a post and another author to take over the post. Very neat Smile

Other Features

  • Menu UI Improvements
  • Preview Audio and Video on Media Edit Screen
  • In-line login after expired sessions

Developer Features

  • jQuery Color updated to 2.2.1, Backbone updated to 1.0.0, jQuery UI updated to 1.10.3 and other script updates
  • New audio/video APIs give developers access to powerful media metadata, like ID3 tags.
  • Filters for revisions, allowing you to set the number of revisions ad hoc instead of only via a define.
  • Semantic Markup allows themes to choose improved HTML5 markup for comment forms, search forms, and comment lists.
  • Search content for shortcodes with has_shortcode() and adjust shortcode attributes with a new filter.

WordPress 3.6 Demo Site

We have setup a Demo Site for you to play around with. Please click on the link below or the image to test:



We have also opened up an editor account for you to play around with the backend. The url is:


user: neton
pass: neton234

Please note that this url will always have the most up-to date version of WordPress to check and review.

Client WordPress Updates

We will be rolling this update to all of our client WordPress Installations in the next couple of days and everyone should be upto date by the 15th of August. If you would like to get this update quickly, we understand…  please leave us a support ticket using the Support Tab and we will put you in front of the line.