Drupal 8 First Impressions

Drupal 8 First Impressions

At NetON, we have been busy testing the new Drupal 8 release.  Here are our initial impressions:

Drupal 8 Installation:

The Installation is much easier. Still a few extra steps from WordPress but it makes sense for Drupal to have the extra steps because Drupal 8 provides more functionality out of the box and without plugins/modules.

Drupal 8 installation

Drupal 8 themes

Drupal 8 comes with a number of built in themes and all the themes are responsive. However other than the themes already provided with the core, there are very little compatible themes outside of it. While we would have wanted them to be ready by the time Drupal 8 was out, looks like it will take a few weeks and possibly months to have a range of good themes that can be used for Drupal 8.

More to come….