Advantages of a Blog on your website

Advantages of a Blog on your website

Often the term ‘Blogging’ is constituted to the common world views of people exercising their individuality, expressing personal accounts on various aspects of life. A testament to their journey written on an ever expanding canvas that last a lifetime. Since the explosion of blogging platforms being developed over the years, businesses are experiencing a paradigm shift in operational framework; utilizing open-source blogs to increase traffic on a website and attract more visitors with enchanting blog posts being released on a regular basis. Prime examples would be a clothing e-commerce retailer seeking to create their own unique online presence with a blog about the latest styles.

So what are the advantages of using a blog? Here we list a few that can help your business

Lead Generation

This is the biggest advantage of having a blog. The more content you put in your blog, the more you let your customers know that you are a thought leader in the area. When your customers are looking for the expert, then they will remember and come to you.  Using blogs, companies can also notify people of new products and offers by making them subscribe to newsletters. This increases the chances of sales and generates more business leads to the company or the individual.

A compliment to your business

While blogs are itself seen as businesses, they can also be a compliment to businesses. Most businesses use blogs to explain about their products in detail. This helps them to increase the SEO ranking of the website and attract more people to the website.  Blogs are also seen as a simple way to engage people with the website, and some firms even allow visitors to contribute to the blog. Hence, blogs help in creating a total community, thereby enticing more followers and more traffic.

Customer Satisfaction

Blogs also create a platform where customers can comment about their experiences. Hence, businesses can answer their customers and answer them, thereby helping these firms to develop a strong customer base and increase customer satisfaction.

Some blogs also have forums where users can post questions and answers, thereby reducing the work of the company to cater to basic customer queries while other blogs also serve as ‘knowledge bases’.

You can open up any post for comments allowing your customers to ask questions about the product/service you are mentioning.


A blog adds more influence to your website, since it is a good platform to interact with your customers and get them to know more about your products and services. When a user visits a website, there is a great chance that they will have a look at the blog. An upto date blog lets the prospect know that you are active in knowing and teaching more about your area of expertise.


Most companies use blogs to build trust with their customers. Having a blog means that that the company is active and constant updates will notify the visitors indirectly that your firm is in action. This will help you to build trust among your customers.

Many companies have witnessed an increase in traffic to their website after inclusion of a blog. Nowadays, it is a trend that is becoming popular among news and media firms as well. Blogs allow their readers to share their opinions, which creates revenue for the companies with ease, and also helps the company to engage with the people.

Having your staff contribute to the blog means that your prospects can put a face to the name and know more about your staff before even meeting them. It also provides a human touch to your company.

WordPress for your Blog

These are just a few advantages of having a blog, but once you create a blogging platform on your website, the benefits would be greater than imagined. A blog not only brings traffic and expands the customer base, but it also indirectly helps in areas like marketing and customer retention.

Incidentally, one of the best platforms for starting your blog is WordPress. Our staff at NetON are experts at WordPress and have been building websites and blogs on it for 10 years.