Changing Providers

Changing Providers

Here is quick checklist of items when changing providers

Domain Transfer

Please make sure that you/your new agency are getting full access to your domain. This can be done by providers such as or and is a straight forward process however please allow for a week or 2 weeks for this to happen.


If you are using emails with your previous agency (and not with Microsoft or Google), you will need to setup your emails with your new Agency/Hosting Provider, please ensure that you have setup your new emails before disconnecting your last emails.

Email Backups

You may want to backup your emails because otherwise there is a chance that you will lose all the emails. To backup your outlook emails please view this link

Files and Content

Please note that depending on your agreement with your provider you may have access to source files. Usually all content and photography will be your property, please check with your provider and get all the exports that you need.

Quick Suggested Action Timeline

Step 1. Backup Emails
Step 2. Initiate Domain Transfer
Step 3. Get all Content /files
Step 4. Setup your new email in your new server
Step 5: Setup your new website
Step 6: Point the domain to your new website and email server