Analytics on your website Backend

Analytics on your website Backend

We have just rolled out an update for our SMART Websites which allows you to see the traffic on your website directly from your SMART website backend.  The Analytics comes in 3 areas of your site:

Last fortnight report on your dashboard

When you log into the backend of your website, on your dashboard, you will be able to now see the traffic to your site for the last fortnight (or the last 2 weeks). This is visible as soon as you log into the backend of your website.

Last month visitor overview report

This report gives you all the overview metrics for your visitors in the last month, including these stats

  • How many visitors came to your site
  • How long each visitor stayed on your site in average
  • What was the bounce rate for each visitor
  • How many pages did a visitor view on your site
  • Where your visitors found your site (Google and Search Engines, Other Referral websites, Social Media etc)
  • What country your visitors are coming from
  • What cities are your visitors coming from

Last 10 Visitor Log

This report give you a lot of the last 10 visitors to your website and what they looked at in your website. It also tells you if the visitor is a returning visitor or a new visitor, what location they are from and what kind of device they are using to access your website. This also gives you a timestamp for each page they went to .