Sello CRM – now with Inventory Management

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Sello CRM – now with Inventory Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, NetON has been quietly building an innovative CRM suited for small to medium Australian businesses. Dubbed Sello, our CRM can manage your accounts, customers, products, invoicing etc.

However one thing was missing, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest update to Sello- Inventory Mangement. This enhancement brings forth a powerful inventory management system that empowers businesses to efficiently handle their products and warehouses. Let’s dive into this key features that make Sello a game-changer in local Australian CRMs.

Manage Products:

Sello’s inventory management module allows businesses to effortlessly organize and oversee their product catalog. With a user-friendly interface, adding, editing, and categorizing products becomes a seamless process, ensuring that your inventory stays organized and up-to-date.

Manage Locations/Warehouses:

Efficiently managing multiple warehouses or locations is a breeze with SEllo. The platform provides a centralized hub for overseeing inventory across various physical spaces, allowing businesses to optimize stock levels and distribution channels effectively.

Manage Products in Locations

SEllo takes inventory management to the next level by enabling businesses to track the movement of products within different locations or warehouses. This granular control ensures that businesses have a real-time understanding of where their products are, facilitating smarter decision-making.

Stocktake of Products

Inventory accuracy is paramount, and SEllo simplifies the stocktaking process. With built-in features for conducting stocktakes, businesses can perform regular audits to reconcile physical inventory with the system’s records, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring a more accurate representation of stock levels.

Automatically Deduct Products When Invoicing

SEllo automates the inventory deduction process when generating invoices. This feature not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring that your inventory levels are always reflective of your actual stock.

Automatically Deduct Products When an Order is Placed in Your Online Store

Integrating seamlessly with your online store, SEllo automatically deducts products from your inventory as soon as an order is placed. This real-time synchronization enhances order fulfillment efficiency and eliminates the need for manual intervention.