Are you an Exising EXA Client? Need a New Digital Agency!

Are you an existing EXA Web Solutions Client? Are you a client of Melbourne based, US and Australian digital agency EXA? I am sure you have heard the news about EXA Liquidation and are now looking for an agency that can handle your online marketing and web solutions. NetON is a competing agency and provide all the […]

EXA Liquidation – What now for your website?

Impacts of EXA Liquidation Ever since news broke down yesterday about EXA Liquidation, the web has been buzzing with questions about what a company should do if they are in the situation and how they can protect themselves moving forward. We put a quick checklist yesterday on what you need to do immediately if you […]

Checklist for Moving Agencies

Has your current Digital Agency gone into Liquidation? What to do next. Ever since EXA went into liquidation this morning, companies in Australia have to now cater for this unlikely event with their websites. What happens if your Web Design Agency goes into Liquidation? When a company goes into liquidation in Australia, the company is […]