NetON Mobile App v2 Coming soon

The newest version of NetON Mobile App is just around the corner. The new version comes with

  • integrated Project Manager
  • Areas for B2B and B2C offerings
  • Links to areas of the website
  • A better interface


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netON Analytics Android App coming soon

It has been a month since we launched netON Analytics as a simpler, more robust alternative to Google Analytics. NetON Analytics comes with a connector for WordPress and Drupal making it easier to view analytics report from the Admin/User Dashboard of the CMS platforms.

This is all great however nowadays most of our time is spent by consuming information on mobiles. So to make it easier for our clients, we are launching an Android app for netON Analytics.

NetON Analytics Android App

NetON Analytics Android Application is expected to launch mid August. This will allow you to save your website information on your android phone and browse through the stats on the go in realtime.

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