Starting with netON Project Manager

Starting with netON Project Manager

Please follow the following instructions to set up your account under our Project Tracker Platform.  Please read the whole instructions once to understand how it works and then proceed with the setup.

Step 1: Setting up your password

From the navigation on the top please Select Login > Project Management Tool

This will open up a login area
Your email/username will be your personal email address
temporary password will be the one supplied to you via your email

Enter your email and temporary password to login

Once you put in your password, it will ask you to enter a more secure password. Please remember this password because this can only be changed via Admin.

You are now set to use the Platform.

Accessing the platform:

To access the platform please go into Login > Project Management Tool via
Log in using your email and your new password that you have just set up.

Control Panel

Once you log in, you land in the Control Panel which will give you an overview of all the projects you are assigned to.
You can add tasks for yourself or assign tasks to other members in the team
With tasks assigned to you, you can double click on the task and edit it
With tasks assigned to you, you can click on update status and complete a task
On any task you can double click on the +note text to add your notes


When a member in a project gets assigned a task, they get an email with the details.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to add more staff members to the Platform to make it easier.