File Uploads in Project Manager

File Uploads in Project Manager

netON Project Manger now allows file uploads against any task on the Projects.  This means against any task you can now add:

  • A word file containing all the content for that task
  • A screenshot explaining a bug that needs to be fixed
  • An update file relevant to the task

How to add a file:

  • Log into the project manager
  • Open any project
  • Click on +file button against any task
  • A popup will come up asking you to browse for a file
  • Browse for a file and click on submit to upload

Once a file is uploaded, it will show a file icon next to the task and you can click on it to download the file.  Currently the following formats are supported

  • Word Documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • JPEG images
  • GIF Images
  • PNG Images

If you need support for any other file, please send us an email at