WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” now released – Release Features and updates

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” now released – Release Features and updates

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” in honour of drummer Elivin Jones is now released and making its way into your installations shortly. Below is a quick video with the latest updates and also a list of all the new features that come with this fantastic new release.

WordPress 3.5 Features and Updates

Updated Media Library and Uploading

The media library has had a much needed refresh, allowing you to create galleries easily, tag images properly and create galleries more easily.  The interface is much more streamlined, fancy and allows for drag and drop reordering. Another great feature is the ability to add multiple images.

Wordpress 3.5 New Media Library


A brand new Responsive Theme (Twenty Twelve)

The new themes comes with ultra-responsiveness and looks great on computers, laptops, macs, tablets and mobiles. The default font is also Open Sans making it a lot more gorgeous. It’s a great step from Twenty Eleven and also reinforces WordPress as a great CMS platform and not just a blogging platform.  Please note that only if you are using the default WordPress theme (TwentyTen or TwentyEleven, you will be automatically updated to TwentyTwelve).

Wordpress 3.5 New TwentyTwelve Theme

Updated and Retina Ready Dashboard

The dashboard has had more updates and is now Retina display friendly. This will look ultra clear on the iPad, Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 10 and the new MacBook Pro. The Quickpress box looks great and allows media directly from the dashboard.

Wordpress 3.5 new Dashboard


Developer updates

There has been a number of developer updates which make it easier for developers to now build and extend WordPress faster. The main updates are

  • ability to tag WordPress.org users with their username (mine is sumandahal Smile )
  • ability to import your tumblr
  • ability to pull meta information in comments and users
  • rpc api is enabled by default
  • default image editor which inside WordPress so that we don’t have to see another timthumb vulnerability exploit anytime soon Smile

NetON WordPress 3.5 Demo Site

We have setup a Demo Site for you to play around with. Please click on the link below or the image to test:



We have also opened up an editor account for you to play around with the backend. The url is:


user: neton
pass: neton234

Please note that this url will always have the most up-to date version of WordPress to check and review.

Client WordPress Updates

We will be rolling this update to all of our client WordPress Installations in the next couple of days and everyone should be upto date by the 20th of December. If you would like to get this update quickly, we understand…  please leave us a support ticket using the Support Tab and we will put you in front of the line.