SEO rankings from within WordPress

SEO rankings from within WordPress

With Google now using HTTPs as standard, its tougher to see what keywords visitors are using to get to your site from Google. To combat this issue, we have had a Keyword ranker that we have been using for our clients for a while. We have now integrated the SERP ranking tool directly into WordPress, which means that if you have a WordPress site with us and want us to track Keyword Rankings for your site, it will show up in your admin panel inside WordPress. However if you would not want to access it via WordPress or you are not hosting your site with us, you can also access this data using a secure url, our Project Manager Platform, our Mobile app or through the NetON Pulse Dashboard.


Here is all the data that you would receive for any keyword:

  • Current Rankings in Google Australia (
  • Current Rankings in Bing/Yahoo Australia
  • How the rank has changed on the last day
  • How the rank has changed on the last week
  • How the rank has changed on the last month
  • Keyword Density analysis for the keyword on your site
  • Url Analysis to see areas of improvement from SEO perspective

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