5 point SEO checklist for a new website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for improving the number as well as the quality of traffic to your website through organic search results. Although the concept of SEO is fairly new, i.e. it only caught the wind in the 2000s, SEO today has a huge role in digital marketing. If you are planning to […]

SEO rankings from within WordPress

With Google now using HTTPs as standard, its tougher to see what keywords visitors are using to get to your site from Google. To combat this issue, we have had a Keyword ranker that we have been using for our clients for a while. We have now integrated the SERP ranking tool directly into WordPress, […]

NetON Pulse now comes with SERP Rankings (keyword rankings)

NetON Pulse – One dashboard to rule them all now comes with SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Rakings for your keywords. You can pick any keyword and pick a search engine to see the rankings. Rankings update every 24 hours and show you a trend of how they have changed over time. Learn more about […]

Magento Commerce Series Part 1: Getting More visitors to your site

Now that you have your Magento Online Store, what next? How do you sell your products more? Here are some ideas (1) Make sure your Magento/Online store is well SEO optimised (2) Make sure you have supporting content for Pages (3) Add a Blog (4) Add content to Price Comparison sites …