5 point SEO checklist for a new website

5 point SEO checklist for a new website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for improving the number as well as the quality of traffic to your website through organic search results. Although the concept of SEO is fairly new, i.e. it only caught the wind in the 2000s, SEO today has a huge role in digital marketing. If you are planning to build your brand on the internet or just create a photo or blog sharing website, you need to know the basics of SEO.

We get asked all the time for a handy SEO checklist for when you are launching a new website. So we thought we would come up with a checklist of five things you can do to make sure your new website is getting its SEO right.

We will keep this at 5 SEO tips to make sure you can do this without spending a lot of time.

1. Title tags and meta descriptions

Usually all new CMS’es do this automatically now. However you still want to check and make sure that all your pages have relevant Title and Meta Description tags. Don’t have all your page titles saying your company name for example.

Title tags and meta descriptions also help to improve click-through rates. This can be done by enticing people to click on your link rather than your competitors’ link by creating a much more engaging title or description. You need to make sure that every page has a title and description set up. This will help users navigate through the page more easily as well as enable search engine crawlers to move through your website faster.

2. Google Search Console

Signing up with Google Search Console will provide you with a set of tools and reports that will help you measure your website’s Search traffic and performance. The Search Analytics feature will help optimize your content so that your content ranks higher in Google Search results.

It will also send you alerts on any issues on your website and will help you fix them. With the Search Console, you will be able to better understand how Google looks at your website and hence optimize your website accordingly.

One handy info you also get is what keywords users are finding your site with. If they are not relevant, you need to fix your keywords, titles and content.

3. Device optimization

Optimizing your content for mobile devices is very important, especially considering Google’s recent initiation to index mobile-first. What this means is that Google’s ranking system will now typically look at the mobile version of a page’s content to evaluate its relevance to the user. Mobile optimization, therefore, plays a significant role in helping a website shine on Google search results.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool used for website optimization. This web analytics service allows you to track and record user activity on a website such as a website traffic, session duration and bounce rate. The information from Google Analytics has shown to have a great deal of impact on the website’s performance.

5. HTTPS security

The whole world wide web is moving towards encrypted connections. Google has been recommending websites to use https for over 2 years now. We still see some sites going live without https. So please make sure your site has https when going live. With a plethora of new technology, this is usually free and only takes about 15 minutes now.

What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of tweaking your website content to help search engines index your site better and eventually help users find your website through search engines such as Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

NetON’s Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Services

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