How to Process an Order – Magento Commerce

How to Process an Order – Magento Commerce


Here are the Magento Purchase Steps


  • Customer Goes to your online store
  • Customer looks through the products
  • Customer puts products in their shopping cart
  • Customer checks out
  • Customer pays for the product

Payment System

  • Payment System Authorises payment
  • Payment System sends an email to client
  • Payment System sends and email to store owner

Magento Backend

  • Magento confirms the purchase and sends confirmation email to customer
  • Magento sends confirmation email to store owner (if this has been setup)
  • Magento creates a new order
  • Magento puts the new order as “Processing” status.

Now the responsibility is up to you, the storeowner to process the order.

You can view all the orders by logging into your Magento Commerce Backend and clicking on sales > Orders.

A list of all orders will be visible here with information such as

  • Order ID
  • Purchase Date
  • Bill to Name
  • Ship to Name
  • Order Total
  • Status

You can click on any order to go into the order view. With every order you get a chance to do the following:

  • Edit the order
  • Send Email to the customer with a notification
  • Put the order on hold
  • Issue a Credit Memo
  • Ship the product

Here is a great video about how to process an Order in Magento Commerce