6 Top Systems and Development Improvements for 2020

At NetON, at the end of the year, while our clients are on holidays and it’s a bit quieter, we always spend time reviewing our processes and improving them. All this is done to make our processes faster and more efficient. This makes our projects faster for our clients and more economical. We also spent a considerable time this holiday break looking at our gaps and how we can improve our processes.We also made a number of improvements to provide better and faster development and marketing services this year.  Looking at what was done, it feels like we are starting the year with a bang. Here is what we have fixed/rolled out this time

Better wireframe builder

Wireframes are usually clunky. They take a while to build and dont accurately reflect how the final product will be rolled out.  There are a number of platforms that provide wireframes but mostly the end result doesn’t reflect on the initial work because they don’t accurately reflect on the amount of work and estimated cost. This year, we have taken this onboard and built our own wireframe system which is faster and accurately reflects the clients budget and the end result of the application/product. We have tried to make the wireframe platfrom as close to the final look and feel that you will get when we deliver the project. 

Collaborative feedback on WireFrames

As part of our new wireframe builder version 2, we have also introduced a built in feedback collector which allows multiple users to provide feedback in real time for the iteration of the wireframe. No more emails, no more excel files and no more word documents (yikes). It’s all handled in a single screen and easy to access, review and make sure that nothing is lost between the cracks. We expect this new process to speed up eCommerce development, WordPress Development and most Marketing Automation processes. When wireframes change, there is a new feedback screen but it also carries over previous feedback that wasn’t incorporated.  

Ad visualiser for faster generation of ads

As part of our offering, we are doing a lot of Ads for our clients on a number of platforms. We setup Google Adwords Ads, Google Display Network Ads, Google Remarketing Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Remarketing Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and LinkedIn Ads. The problem with working with multiple platforms is that you lose sight of the bigger picture pretty quickly and start spewing out ads based on platform rather than based on what you want to achieve from the Ads. We have now pulled all the ads into a single platform so that when we build Ads for you, they are cohesive, have the same brand messaging, have the same call to actions but can be deployed on multiple platforms.

Content Marketing platform that helps you generate more content

We are also rolling out our new Content Marketing platform codenamed “Hugo”. We have been more and more involved with our clients in content strategy, content development and Content Marketing. We are rolling out the platform we use ourselves to our clients and agencies. The platform makes it easier to come up with content ideas, assign them to your team or external content developers, approve content, roll out content and review content. The platform also has calendars to see what content is planned for the next 6 month or 12 months and a sneaky way to keep an eye out on what content your competitors are pushing out. 

Content Marketing platform helper

As part of our content marekting platform, we have also built a “smart AI” to help with the Content Marketing. It’s like having someone reminding you of generating content, doing summaries, doing smart titles and coming up with ideas for your Content Marketing. We are only demoing this to clients who are interested in our Content Management platform, so if you would like to know more about this, please send us an email at info@. 

Marketing Automation emails, forms and landing pages builder

We provide a lot of Australian companies support with their Marketing Automation platforms mostly Pardot and Marketo. We are constantly building Emails, Forms and Landing Pages for such Marketing Auatomation campaigns that we do. To speed up delivery of these campaign assets, we have now setup a templated builder that helps us generate Landing Pages and Emails quickly and also allows us to provide our B2B clients with DIY templates that they can use in their Marketo instance to create emails quickly and effectively. 

General Sales and Service Improvements

We have also improved our sales and customer service to provide quicker quotes, invoices as well as faster responses to issues. 

Content Marketing Agency in Melbourne

NetON is a leading Content Marketing services company based in both Melbourne and Sydney. We have worked with Australian and International clients in their Content Marketing for over 10 years. Our Content Marketing methods use the best industry practices and aim to deliver successful results and higher conversion for our clients.We have been providing high-quality Content Marketing services to companies big and small for over 10 years with clients ranging from the biggest Australian companies to family-owned local businesses.

Top 10 Essentials for your B2B Website

Looking for a resource to making sure your B2B website is setup for success.. It’s finally here!

Do you have a B2B website but don’t have a business?

Your B2B website is the central hub for all your business activities. Your B2B website should work for you. It should attract relevant prospects and convert prospects to leads. Those are the basics of what you would expect your B2B website to do. If you follow the guide below, it will not only do that; It will also track leads and send them to your sales team when they are sales ready by itself. Follow our guide below to make sure that your site is working for you.

NetON’s Top 10 Essentials for a B2B Website

This is a NetON Top Tips white paper written by Suman Dahal, Director at NetON. Suman has worked at some of the top Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Optimisation companies around the world. He has over 10 years experience in all things B2B. He will be helping you make sure that you have put all the technology in place to make your B2B website a success.

The whitepaper will cover all the groundwork of a B2B website including

  • Making sure you have ticked all the checkboxes with your B2B Marketing website
  • Making sure your B2B website generates leads and gives them an opportunity to reach out to you
  • Making sure that your B2B website converts its visitors to leads
  • Making sure that its easy for you to send leads generated through your B2B website to your sales team
  • Making sure that you can track your success and improve your procedures based on data

Completed all the items on this whitepaper?

Stay tuned for our advanced tips for B2B websites.
This follow-up whitepaper will cover the advanced techniques for your B2B website.

How do you implement these changes?

We are platform agnostic. So this whitepaper mentions what things to do but it doesn’t mention what platforms to use. If you want to know what platforms to use for any of the tips we have provided, please reach out to us at info@neton.com.au

NetON’s marketing and business whitepapers

We create our whitepapers with you in mind. Our whitepapers are easy to read in all devices, both desktops and mobiles. We also make sure they are action orientated, rather than lots and lots of text, so there is an action plan against each item. Our aim is to create whitepapers that are on point, that you can follow and put it in action.

If you think we can improve our whitepapers, please let us know how at info@neton.com.au. We love constructive criticism.

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Sales Proposal effectiveness Infographic

The average B2B marketing sales cycle today is 22% longer than five years ago in 2008. The infographic below shows the study on current proposal management, practices in 76 business to business sales organisations, surveying top performing companies for the 3 months of May to July 2013. To improve your sales proposal process, view the most important investments in the graphic below.


Infographic: Top modern marketer’s agenda are email and speed

Email still sits as the most important communication and marketing channel for Marketers. According to the following infographic by Oracle and Eloqua, email still sits as the most important digital marketing activity for most Modern Marketers at 58%. How can we leverage email more? Rich content strategies such as white papers and webcasts, marketing automation, speed and relevance are the key factors in using your email marketing channel more successfully. From a skills perspective, creative skills and knowledge of marketing technology are of the greatest importance.


Gmail now shows images by default and how this affects your email marketing

Straight off the Gmail Blog, Gmail now shows images by default. While previously all images were hidden by default and you would have had to click on View Pictures to see the image, now all images are displayed by default.

This is great news for email marketing and lead tracking emails which had a high inaccuracy rate.

Why block images in Email

About 10 years ago, when spam exploded, images were being used to track user activity and also pass malicious code into the users computer or mobile device. Based on this, every email client (desktop) and online started blocking all images on emails by default. Only if you added a sender to the safe list, the images will be displayed by default.

How do Email Opens get tracked

Emails are tracked by putting a 1×1 pixel image in the email. This image keeps individual user information for each email mostly a combination of user ID and the email ID.  When the image gets requested from the server,

Results of blocking images on Email Marketing

Blocking images by default created a wave of change on email marketing –

  • marketers started putting text on the preview pane before the main image,
  • using ALT tags on images
  • and asking users to add them to the safe list to automatically showed images.

This also generated a high inaccuracy level in email marketing reports. Overall if you were looking at open rates for a campaign, you’d assume that the open rates were higher than what was being reported as some users would have read the email without enabling the images.

Results of blocking images on Lead Tracking and Marketing Automation

Blocking images also created a huge issue for B2B sales teams because it was hard to tell if lead emails got opened by the target user. If you were sending out an email to a lead with a proposal and following up on the phone call, your reports would most likely only be 50% accurate, which puts you at a very unsure position.

The new way Gmail is handling images

There is however a small caveat, the images are not pulled from the default server, it is now cached in Google’s servers where it is checked before getting displayed.

Here is a little blurb from the blog

Have you ever wondered why Gmail asks you before showing images in emails? We did this to protect you from unknown senders who might try to use images to compromise the security of your computer or mobile device.

But thanks to new improvements in how Gmail handles images, you’ll soon see all images displayed in your messages automatically across desktop, iOS and Android. Instead of serving images directly from their original external host servers, Gmail will now serve all images through Google’s own secure proxy servers.

This affects a number of technologies and being used in the B2B and B2C space specially email marketing and lead tracking which we will go in depth in a second.

How this affects Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Gmail being the most popular online email client, this is very welcome news to Marketers. This means

  • more accurate unique open reporting
  • better email designs (more flexibility on text/image placement)
  • Ability to send out fully image based emails
  • less accurate most active/opens reporting (because the images are cached)

B2B is probably a bigger winner as it means very accurate lead email tracking on gmail, google apps emails.

Finally, Should you change your email designs/processes

  • yes if most of your users are on gmail and you are getting proper device reporting that most of it is getting opened in androids
  • no if your list is a mix of all different clients and emails

Our recommendation is to break down your emails into gmail and non-gmail lists and segment and send emails accordingly.  Need some email marketing tools, please view information on  NetON Email for B2C and Sello for B2B Lead Tracking.