Top 10 Essentials for your B2B Website

Looking for a resource to making sure your B2B website is setup for success.. It’s finally here!

Do you have a B2B website but don’t have a business?

Your B2B website is the central hub for all your business activities. Your B2B website should work for you. It should attract relevant prospects and convert prospects to leads. Those are the basics of what you would expect your B2B website to do. If you follow the guide below, it will not only do that; It will also track leads and send them to your sales team when they are sales ready by itself. Follow our guide below to make sure that your site is working for you.

NetON’s Top 10 Essentials for a B2B Website

This is a NetON Top Tips white paper written by Suman Dahal, Director at NetON. Suman has worked at some of the top Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Optimisation companies around the world. He has over 10 years experience in all things B2B. He will be helping you make sure that you have put all the technology in place to make your B2B website a success.

The whitepaper will cover all the groundwork of a B2B website including

  • Making sure you have ticked all the checkboxes with your B2B Marketing website
  • Making sure your B2B website generates leads and gives them an opportunity to reach out to you
  • Making sure that your B2B website converts its visitors to leads
  • Making sure that its easy for you to send leads generated through your B2B website to your sales team
  • Making sure that you can track your success and improve your procedures based on data

Completed all the items on this whitepaper?

Stay tuned for our advanced tips for B2B websites.
This follow-up whitepaper will cover the advanced techniques for your B2B website.

How do you implement these changes?

We are platform agnostic. So this whitepaper mentions what things to do but it doesn’t mention what platforms to use. If you want to know what platforms to use for any of the tips we have provided, please reach out to us at

NetON’s marketing and business whitepapers

We create our whitepapers with you in mind. Our whitepapers are easy to read in all devices, both desktops and mobiles. We also make sure they are action orientated, rather than lots and lots of text, so there is an action plan against each item. Our aim is to create whitepapers that are on point, that you can follow and put it in action.

If you think we can improve our whitepapers, please let us know how at We love constructive criticism.

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How to add a user or administrator to a Google Analytics Account

Adding a user to a Google Analytics profile allows that user to view reports for the website/profile by logging into their analytics account.  Adding an admin means that they can add new users, create new reports etc.

Here is how to add a user/admin

  • Go to and log inGoogle Analytics Sign In
  • Once logged in, select the profile which you want to share with the userGoogl Analytics Profile
  • When you are in the profile, click under admin on the nav bar on the top rightGoogle Analytics Profile Admin
  • Select the profile againGoogle Analytics Profile
  • Click on Users and on + New UserAdding User to Google Analytics Profile
  • Provide the email address for user, pick if you want them to be admin and if you want to notify them via email and click on Add UserAdding User to Google Analytics - User Details

    This will allow the user with the email address to access reports for this profile under their Google Analytics account.

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Looking for a resource to making sure your B2B website is setup for success.. It's
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